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Metal constructions

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Tanks, Pressure Tanks

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Heat Exchangers, Insulation

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Tanks and Piping Installation


CIEST METAL OÜ is a dynamic and developing company. The main areas of business of the company are installation works and the manufacturing of industrial steel constructions,reservoirs and pipelines.
The company posesses its own manufacturing sites with a total of 6000 sq m including special areas for corrosion control works.

In the middle of 2013 the company successfully passed the certification in the process management programme in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO3834-2.
The company provides comprehensive and diverse services in various segments of metal-works.
CIEST METAL OÜ is specialised on the production of steel reservoirs for the storage of oil products and other dangerous liquids. We also repair and reconstruct active reservoirs as well as maintenance and service works for various industrial equipment. Additionally we offer the development of project documentations in accordance with the requirements and requests of our clients. We are also happy to provide a full service of projecting works.

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Service of oil terminals, installation of oil - and gas highways. There is a wide experience of installation pump, pipelines for mineral oil, the various equipment of oil terminals. The company carries out reconstruction of capacities of oil terminals.

Installation and service of boiler-houses working on various kinds of fuel.

Our company is focused on building and service of fuel terminals. We carry out, works on installation threw designs, pipelines and tanks for storage of mineral oil. We have an operational experience and qualified personnel in conformity with the European standards.

In realization of projects we use the modern equipment and qualitative materials. We have floor spaces where we make wide assortment of standard and special products of any kinds of a steel and metals.

Production is applied in various spheres manufactures in pipelines oil terminals in hydraulic engineering constructions and in non-standard designs.


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 defines the requirements for managements systems and is the only standard in accordance to which a specification can be performed (even though it is not mandatory). The standard can be used in any organisation, small or enterprise, regardless of the activity-field. ISO 9001:2008 has been introduced in over a million companies and organisations in more than 170 countries.

The foundation of the standard lies in a number of management guidelines and a strong emphasis is made on the consumer and on the motivation and involvement of the upper management, a process-oriented approach and constant improvement. The use of ISO 9001:2008 guarantees, that the consumers can expect a production or service that will comply to a high level of quality which will bring a number of benefits to the business.

Checks of the system's working capacity are an important part of ISO 9001:2008. Organisations need to perform internal audits to check on the work of the quality management system. A company may choose to invite an independent certification-intitution to perform the check, which is in compliance with the standard's requirements. Alternatively a company can ask its clients to perform an audit of the quality system. Find out more about the certification of management systems.



In all aspects of our work we pay high attention to quality and to the safety of the working environment. The quality of our work and the care for the working environment are ensured by high levels of training, qualification, motivation and devotion of our employees. We work hard to constantly improve and develop these fields.

We have developed our own quality ensurance and our own health and safety programmes, which reflect the possible risks, define actions on reducing the impact on the environment and in which we have set the task of constantly improving these fields.

Our services and solutions are characterised by a high quality and match and often excel the expectations of our clients. With the help of our own management and control system we guarantee a high quality level of our services thus providing added value to our clients.

In our work we make a strong emphasis on quality ensurance and on environment-friendliness. All our employees have received corresponding training and are motivated to responsibly perform their work, comply with safety regulations and the care about the environment.



The basic fields of activity of the company

  •   service of oil terminals, installation of oil - and gas highways. There is a wide experience of installation pump, pipelines for mineral oil, the various equipment of oil terminals. The company carries out reconstruction of capacities of oil terminals. A wide experience of work with leading terminals of Estonia (Тermoil, Тrendgate, Neste);
      installation and service of boiler-houses working on various kinds of fuel. A wide experience of work with firms of this branch (Napal, Filter, Fortum termest, Tallinna kute, Saarema kute);
      civil and erection works.

  • The company carries out manufacturing and installation of metal of designs of different function:

  •   metal skeletons of buildings of commercial, industrial and inhabited appointment;
      ladder flights, platforms, protections;
      installation of pipelines, шиберов and installation of the equipment of water-purifying stations, pump and other hydraulic engineering constructions.


  •   CIESMETAL OÜ provides the installation of equipment and metal constructions manufactured by us, as well as the installation of equipment supplied by the client. Our core competence lies in the implementation of complex and responsible projects.
       In our work we set a high value on quality, on providing malfunction-free implementation of every project, on meeting sanitary and hygienic requirements, on safety requirements and on environment-friendliness.
       We can also organise processing/recycling of metal constructions from dismantled objects.


  •   We offer project documentation development services based on the clients' requirements. Depending on the specific needs, we are able to implement a turnkey solution or provide parts of the services, e.g. in the implementation of one part of the project.
      The scope of work on the technical supervision during a project is discussed separately with the client, based on the requirements.


  •   CIEST METAL OÜ provides welding and construction services of different difficulty levels for enterprises.
      We use the standard welding methods 141, 111, 141/111, 135 and 136. When welding pipes we use the current classification for pressure piping (PED).
       We weld all traditional materials: carbon steel, stainless/acid-resistant, heat-resistant steels and aluminium. During every project we perform nondestructive checks of all welded connections.



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    Tallinna Soojus




      Register code: 11643110
      VAT No: EE101297246
      Operating address: KILTRI 10, MAARDU, 74114

      Ruslan Banasevits
      Tel.: (+372) 57 777 780
      E-mail: ruslan@ciestmetal.ee

      Maksim Ivanov
      Tel.: (+372) 57 777 744
      E-mail: maksim@ciestmetal.ee

      Dmitri Banasevits
      Tel.: (+372) 57 777 789
      E-mail: dmitri@ciestmetal.ee